Hobbies are the activities you love doing because they teach you good things and make you feel good. Although some people’s hobbies are not so productive, your own hobbies must generally be wholesome and done responsibly. 

Watching TV, reading books, playing video games, and sleeping are the hobbies people commonly have, but aside from these, it is important to develop healthier interests and to discover new capabilities. Value not only the activities you are already used to doing daily or regularly but also the pursuits you are about to unravel. For sure, they are not simply for fun but essentially for self-growth too. 

A dilemma arises for a lot of people when they are curious and earnest to acquire a new hobby, but the hindrance is the financial costs. No one can blame them because in reality, there are fun hobbies that you want to try, however, they are not so practical. There are hobbies that seem to be a luxury. 

Now, this list is created to help you find ways to pursue some of your long-wanted, pricey hobbies. To be specific, those activities you can do without leaving the house are comparably cheaper than others. Check out these 5 expensive hobbies that you can actually afford learning from home!


If you’re interested in learning how to do digital art, there are tons of ways to train and educate yourself while staying indoors. The most popular nowadays is through watching online video tutorials by illustrators and digital artists. With their generous virtual sharing of knowledge and skills, you can learn from basic to complex drawing techniques and find out what drawing styles suit you best. They also share the digital drawing apps and softwares that suit beginners like you. 

You can practice by drawing on paper if you’re not yet so used to digital, because you will have an edge if you’re experienced in drawing on sketch pads. On the other hand, if you want to directly do digital art, you may borrow an electronic drawing device from a close friend, rent if there’s any, or buy a cheap brand for practicing. 


For people wanting to learn how to make messy magic happen in the kitchen, baking is their game. If you’re one of these people but can’t seem to achieve your baking goals because of money, be hopeless no more! You can learn baking from home too! How?

Buy a baking cookbook, complete with unique baking recipes, tips and ingredients list. Printed baking mags don’t cost a lot. There are e-cookbooks as well, which are wise picks if you want to reduce paper materials at home. Furthermore, there are countless baking tutorials in the form of lists, videos and audio guides found online. 

Most of the time, aspiring and beginner bakers don’t get it right at the first few attempts. Practice is vital in baking because it often requires trial-and-error. Purchase necessary baking tools, equipment and ingredients, such as dough, yeast, flavorings, bread flour, cake flour and more. To avoid wasting them on your baking trials, buy cheap brands and carefully follow baking steps.


Some people might say that playing musical instruments as a hobby is not expensive, but, the truth is if you really want to be serious about it and become an ace musician, it can be costly. Why? Learning from expert musicians is quite pricey. Musical instruments and other music-related equipment are expensive.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have much money now, yet you’re passionate about learning how to play the guitar, piano, violin or any musical instrument, you can do so at home. Borrow or rent an instrument, or purchase one, so that in the future, you will no longer have a hard time getting used to playing your own. To save more, look for well-functioning second-hand instruments.

Aside from online tutorial videos accessible online by the public, there are affordable short-term musical courses offered by musical artists. Enroll in them to receive direct coaching. Consequently, there are free musical note pieces online, so when you already mastered reading them with the help of your basic music learning, go on!


Dancing is considered a talent, but it can be a form of workout and can be a hobby too. 

Although it would be very nice and heartwarming to enroll in a professional dancing school, it can without a doubt be expensive. Additionally, some people starting from zero dancing skills might not yet have the confidence to be trained by pro dancers and to be watched by other people. 

Thanks to online dance workshops where you can learn from your own place and pace, hesitant people are given a great opportunity to learn. No hassles of going outdoors, plus you can mold your self-confidence at home while you’re still shy to show it to the world.

Another hack: If you are dance-exercising at home, it can be a fantastic way to learn dancing. What’s more, you can use your favorite playlists, so you will be more motivated and enthusiastic about getting up and sweating off. Invite your family members for a fun bonding hobby that the whole squad will benefit from!


While flower arranging seems to be for flower shops only, it is actually another worthwhile hobby. It is really artistic and elegant! What’s more, not only ladies but also gentlemen fall in love with this healing hobby!

Flower arranging is usually done in a flower store with a space for aspiring florists or those who are simply looking for something productive to do. There, skillful florists directly teach and assist learners. 

However, if you don’t have time to visit one or if the store you’re eyeing on is far from your place, online floral design programs are available too. You might get low to average costs only because you’re buying your own stuff and staying within your own place. Also, take advantage of seasonal promos if any. You will need to purchase their in-store flora and decorations, or use their freely provided materials.

Making flower arrangements is a fun and rejuvenating hobby that anyone can enjoy anytime!



Thankfully, even these usually expensive hobbies are no longer out of your reach when you don’t have enough budget. Because there are low-cost ways to learn them, you can have lots of excitement, relaxation and self-development with the hobbies you want to pursue. For your friendly hobbies and interests, don’t be afraid to find ways!




Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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