There are successful and unsuccessful people in this modern and developing country. Success requires dreams, hard work, good education and patience.

Almost every student wants instant success in this commercialized age but they should ponder over the fact that if one plants a seed and it cannot become a tree at the same day, it has never happened because development is a continuous process. To achieve success, one has neither to rush nor to stop rather one has to keep moving.

Cracking a National or State level competitive examination is all about your perseverance, endurance, learning ability, time & stress management and a burning zeal to walk the path of success. The difference between a successful person and the others is not a lack of strength or knowledge, but a lack of WILL, GUIDANCE and MENTORING.

To materialize this objective, with your co-operation and confidence we have established “KISALAY COMMERCE CLASSES” which wishes you a bright future and better health. Believe us; if you co-operate with us, we can help you achieve your own identity.

First and foremost thing is that in present time commerce has become unseparable from our lives and day-to-day activities. Even if we don’t choose commerce as a stream then also it has the same significance in our lives. It’s importance and presence is such deep rooted that it’s almost beyond our control.

Significance of commerce can be assessed from the fact that Kautilya also known as Chanakya felt the need of writing about economic policies and sharing it with the world through his book Arthashastra in 2nd-3rd BCE.

Right from the economy of our hoses to the economy of the nation at large, it is commerce. Reason behind almost all conflicts on national or international level is commerce and most importantly whether one will loose or win also depends on commerce i.e., his financial or economical soundness. Financial soundness is directly proportional to power and position of a person or nation. Now talking about commerce as a stream, choosing commerce opens many doors to the pathways of a successful career. For a deeper and better understanding of this stream, students may choose it from the very first level i.e., 11th standard onwards. These 2 extra years of class 11th& 12th will make you an early bird in this sky of cut throat competition, when compared to those students who choose commerce directly in graduation. And this remains understood that Kisalay Commerce Classes will educate you in the best possible manner to make you excel in this field.

Class 11th & 12th

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Why Choose Us

Few years back the path of this stream was less trodden and as a result students and guardians remained ignorant of the treasurer hidden in this path, still at present there are many such jobs & posts of which people are unaware and such jobs & posts are reserved for the students of commerce only. These posts and jobs are not only in private institutions & organizations but also in government sectors in a very large number. When talking about a job after opting commerce as a stream, we picturize a person in formal clothes with an office bag. No, break this typical chain which has ceased your thoughts from flying freely in the sky of commerce which has never ending opportunities and success. It is our institution which frees your mind from the clothes of restricted thinking. After graduating from commerce there are endless opportunities. One can become a professor, author/writer, advocate, banker, judge, police officer, chartered accountant, company secretary, businessman and the list is never ending. UPSC and State PSCS advertise many jobs exclusively for commerce students. This process that the governments need officers from the field of commerce to smoothly run the administration. And our nation needs such officers to run the economy.

Here in KCC, we educate you and deliver the best possible to provide you an enhanced understanding of the subject and that is why we claim to take you a step ahead from others. We facilitate discussions, seminars and lectures on topics, events, ideas and practical situations which are directly or indirectly related to commerce so that the students don’t feel that their study is limited to books only. Moreover, this boosts their confidence and results in their multi-dimensional growth and brings a sense of responsibility in them towards the society.


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