Everyone loves birthday surprises. Are you in a living relationship with someone? Are you in romance? To express your love and care for your lover you can always organize a birthday surprise. This can be one of the best ways to make someone feel or assume how much love and care you have for your partner.

You need to pick the best idea to surprise him or her. You just have to be aware of his or her interest. You can plan for the birthday surprise in advance. This will always give you sufficient time to select the best surprise gift.

You can also make this day very much special in several ways. The birthday party can be organized in advance as well.

You can surprise your lover in many different ways. Here below is the content you will get familiar with some of the unique ways to surprise your lover on his or her birthday.

Gift him or her “Why I Love You” Jar

This can be one of the most unique birthday gifts for love birds. There could be thousands of reasons why you still love your partner. You may want him or her to know these reasons. Birthday can be the best time when you can share these reasons with your partner.

You can best write down any number of reasons that best describe why you still feel you love your partner. The reasons can be written on small paper chits. The chits can be folded and collected inside a nice-looking jar.

You can look around for the most appealing jar in the market. The jar can be given as a surprise gift to your lover. This certainly will be one of the best surprise gifts for birthday of my lifetime.

Surprise wakeup gifts

This is a traditional way but many lovers still appreciate this technique. You can purchase a few gifts a few days before the birthday. The gifts can all be decorated around the bed while your partner is still asleep. Your partner might love to find all surprise gift packs lying around on the bed.

You can always enjoy the moment of watching him or her wake up to find all types of gifts on his or her birthday. Many lovers still express their love by gifting something special early morning on this day. If you are already in a loving relationship, then you can surprise your love early in the morning.

Always ensure that you decorate the gifts around his or her bed during the nighttime. You can also think of quick decoration ideas. The bedroom can be decorated with colourful ribbons.

Wine and dine idea

Everyone loves to enjoy a nice wine and candlelight dinner. The dinner party can be organized for your lover at home. You do not have to book a table at an expensive restaurant. The diner party can be a surprise for your lover.

You can order his or her favorite dish from the best restaurant. If you want to add more surprises, then you can also try and cook some dishes at home. Always ensure that you have included a bottle of good wine for her or him.

This is one of the best ways to celebrate a surprise birthday event within your privacy. In most cases, this surprise birthday gift is always a success.

Video call

Thanks to technology, you can personalize video calls. You can add your favorite music or a song. You can also add your message to the video call. You can ask all relatives and friends to add their special message to the same video call.

This can be the best surprise that you can share in the evening with your lover. The video calls can be shared right after the dinner party. The best thing about surprise gifts is that they can be in any form. It is not important to spend money on expensive gifts if you love your partner. There are many ways to show your lover to your partner.

You can always look around for surprise gift ideas that are within your budget. You just need to assure that whatever you select makes your lover feel happy. The surprise gift should make him or her smile. You can also organize a surprise birthday party.


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