The meaning of LPG gas is the same as a Bottled gas which is a flammable hydrocarbon gas liquefied through pressurization kept in gas cylinders. LPG is derived during natural gas processing and oil refining . Bottled gas comes from natural gas processing and oil refining. Bottled gas is stored in LPG bottles, cylinders or larger vessels and is mainly used for heating, hot water, cooking and auto fuel .  The cylinder capacity is generally referred to as the volume of a cylinder hence it is quite evident that liter is mostly used with it. The conversion rate for cylinder capacity is 1kg equal to 1.96litre of LPG. The formula used for calculating cylinder capacity volume is πr²h. However you need to subtract 20% from the overall cylinder volume and so the LPG cylinder capacity volume is calculated with this formula (πr²h)×.80 .

LPG can be easily stored and  transported anywhere in LPG gas bottles . The size of these LPG bottles differ depending upon the usage ,location of the gas bottle installation ,and quantity of the gas needed.  The size of the LPG gas bottles ranges from small BBQ gas bottles to large tanks. 

The LPG gas bottles are generally made of steel or aluminum vessels for storing common LPG  gases such as propane and butane .  LPG is preferred as a cooking fuel all over the world because of its several advantages such as being environmentally friendly, easily transported, easily accessible and does not require much space for storing. Large LPG gas tank is used for high volume users. LPG is used a lot for industrial purposes and compared to other fuels it is economical. LPG takes less time for heating as it has high calorific value . LPG  burns evenly and provides uniform heat distribution. It leaves no residue and hence requires less maintenance.

A gas bottle is used for the storage and distribution of gas at pressures in excess of atmospheric pressure. LPG gas bottles are also called gas cylinders and propane tanks. Though there are several benefits of LPG in different industries, it is mainly popular as a domestic fuel . Nowadays you easily get a LPG connection through offline and online facilities. Keeping in mind the pandemic you can get a new connection by sitting at home through a website or a mobile application. In order to find the closest gas distributor you just have to type ‘cooking gas cylinder delivery near me‘ online and you will be loaded with the options suitable for you . It is always better to choose the distributor near you in case of deliveries and other emergencies.


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