• Features Comparison
Items APPLE TV 2nd Generation Optic STB Prime Expanded
Storage Capacity 8GB 16GB
RAM Efficiency 256MB 2GB
USB Port No Standard USB Port 2 USB Ports
Output Resolution


720P 4k UHD
Remote Control Unit Simple Remote Control Unit  Infrared Remote Control Unit

For further detail regarding these two products, please take a look at the detail given below:

In today’s world, everyone is well aware of the set-top boxes. They make their place in the commercial market as well as in homes in less than a few years. Since they provide a lot of comfort to the people; they quit using a local cable to watch their content. IPTV Boxes facilitates its user with high-quality content i.e. no freezing and buffering. People can watch their favorite shows whenever the mood strikes without any worry. They can record and save their shows for the next time. 

In addition, music or series lovers can make a wide collection of their content in it as it has an efficient storage capacity. Its advanced processing system entertains the people with the program right after clicking without any delay. People do not have to waste a lot of time in setting it up as it joins them with a friendly UI Design. Thousands of different content is just one click away. It contains channels for people of all ages including sports, movies, series, news channels, and amazing built-in games for kids.

However, do not forget that you can only enjoy these benefits with a TV Box having advanced features. 

For the people who are not familiar with the best TV Box or who are confused between two brands, this blog post is for them.

How to choose a brand for a TV Box?

After searching out the market, we get to know that many brands offer Smart TV Boxes. But people are afraid to invest their money in them because many brands start advertising their products with those features that are completely bogus or even not present at all. In addition, different online websites fool people by providing them with the cheapest quality TV Boxes. In this case, they started to avoid purchasing set-top boxes. To avoid all these inconveniences and wastage of money, we are going to tell you some of the features that you should consider before buying a TV Box.

    • Efficient Storage Capacity
    • Fast Processing System
    • Necessary Accessories
  • Advance RCU

Same Features: Different Efficiency

It has been noticed that many brands offer the above features in their TV Boxes. However, there are many differences in their efficiency. Usually, people with less technical knowledge grasp a product with less specification at higher rates. But they don’t know that they can get the same product with more latest features at an affordable rate. 

For clearing our thoughts, we are going to discuss the two products (Optic STB Prime Expanded Comparison, APPLE TV 2nd Generation Comparison) of well-reputed brands Optic STB and Apple TV. 

Specification Comparison

There are a few features that are considered as the source of buying a particular TV Box. Mainly include:

  1. Storage Capacity
  2. RAM Efficiency
  3. Streaming Quality
  4. Accessories
  • Storage Capacity

Storage is the most essential feature of every electronic device. It helps to store any data in the device. People can create a backup or archive their important data whenever needed. They can make a long list of their saved content in it. 

Optic STB Prime Expanded Comparison is ideal in this aspect. It comes with a 16GB internal storage capacity, which is extreme enough. Users can easily store their thousands of programs without buying any external storage device. But if we go on the other side, APPLE TV 2nd Generation Comparison provides 8GB storage to its users. This type of internal storage is not suitable for those who want to save their content as it started showing technical issues after saving a few contents that are irritating thing.

  • RAM Efficiency

If you want to access your content rapidly right after clicking then go with a TV box with sufficient RAM. A set-top box with good RAM helps you to perform various tasks at the same time. You can load the data with speed and efficiency. Optic STB Prime Expanded Comparison will provide you with 2 GB RAM. It means you can get multiple contents at the same with excellent speed. But APPLE TV 2nd Generation Comparison joins its customers with only 256MB RAM. It makes you bound to perform a single task at a single moment. Don’t you think so it’s a frustrating thing in this time of advancement?

  • Streaming Quality

The main reason for watching transformation is the streaming quality. No doubt, local cable, and set-top boxes deliver the content. But the difference arises when we observe the quality of that content. That’s why people start buying TV Boxes. But not all the TV boxes entertain the users with Best IPTV Box Services in Germany and a clear crystal image. For experiencing a nearly invisible bezel, it should be necessary to have a box with 4k output resolution. Optic STB Prime Expanded Comparison telecast the show in 1000x better quality than all other boxes including APPLE TV 2nd Generation. If you’re deciding to buy an Apple TV then we will suggest you stay with your local cable. Because after buying it, you are going to get 720P support. It means continuous freezing and buffering.

  • Accessories

A box itself is not enough. It requires some special accessories including HDMI Cable, Power Adapter, Optical Cable, USB Ports, and many more. Some brands though that they fulfill their duty to send a single box to their customers without any accessory. They force people to buy these accessories separately. It means double expense. But this is not true in the Optic STB Prime Expanded case.

  • Optical Cable

The company Optic STB packed their box with a lot of care. You can get an Optical cable along with all the other essential accessories. You do not have to incur your money on any other thing after getting your hands on this box. 

The optical cable will help you to transform your boring TV lounge into a cinematic environment. You can enjoy an incredible sound quality with it. This type of sound and cinematic vibes is not possible with APPLE TV 2nd Generation because it contains no Optical Cable.


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