Shell and tube exchangers are the most generally involved heat exchangers in processes established today. One of the fundamental kinds of shell and tube heat exchangers is the drifting head exchanger. This heat exchanger is not normal for any shell and tube heat exchanger. It is perhaps the most utilized heat exchanger exceptionally intended to be totally calm to advance longer gear life and practically no upkeep. In this article, we find the most appropriate response to the topic of what is drifting head heat exchanger. Follow this new blog in Linkup to find out additional with regards to this sort of heat exchanger.

What is a drifting head exchanger?

The drifting head type heat exchanger is a sort of shell and tube heat exchanger in which the tube sheet gets together is autonomous and allowed to move inside the shell or the shell cover. This exchanger is broadly utilized for the help where the temperature is high between the shell and tube pack that causes development issues.    Finned tubes  The drifting head exchanger is the best heat exchanger as far as productivity and support however normally comes at a greater expense.

This heat exchanger takes out heat exchanger disappointment for industry-driving hardware existence with practically no upkeep. Drifting head heat exchangers offer extraordinary protection from the warm pressure and weakness normal in each and every kind of shell and tube heat exchanger. Unique plans of this heat exchanger are accessible for particulate encouraged air streams, destructive applications, high temperatures and high tensions.


To address the topic of what is drifting head heat exchanger, first, let us see what its various parts are. As displayed for its sake, in this plan, one finish of the tube sheet is fixed to the shell, while the other one can “float” openly inside the shell. It additionally comprises a removable tube wrap consisting of straight tubes, tube sheets, tie poles, and perplexes.

Contingent upon the weight and length of the pack, there may likewise be slides or wheel gatherings to make expulsion of the tube group from the heat exchanger shell simpler. The drifting tube sheet should be encased by a drifting head cover. In this hardware, gasket joints are exceptionally enormous, thus it is exorbitant. For the most part, both the shell and tube group are liberated from development, this allows no warm pressure to be created between the shell and tube pack when the temperature contrast of the two mediums is enormous.

Working guideline

The functioning standard of this sort of heat exchanger is basic. At the point when the tube side passable tension drop is significantly low, and liquid can’t be placed in the shell side, a drifting head heat exchanger is suggested. The tube-side passable strain drop turns into the restricting variable in deciding the length and number of tubes, and the shell’s side pressure drop is expanded inside that size by a perplex plan that will accomplish the fundamental presentation.


As indicated by various prerequisites, the drifting head on a drifting head heat exchanger can be planned into different sorts. To diminish warm anxieties and give a way to eliminate the tube group for cleaning, a few drifting head plans have been set up. The following are four fundamental sorts of drifting head heat exchangers:

Split back ring (Type S)

Split back ring type unit is all the more regularly utilized in ventures. In this kind of development, the drifting head is fitted to the tube sheet which is away from the channel. Heat exchanger manufacturer in UAE The drifting head is stood firm on its foothold by a split sponsorship ring so that destruction is conceivable. The drifting tube sheet width is kept marginally more modest than the internal shell breadth so the whole tube group can be eliminated from the channel end.



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