An engineer manager oversees engineering projects end-to-end. Engineering managers are responsible for delivering engineering tasks on schedule and within the scope and timelines of the project. Senior engineering managers undertake multiple related projects as part of a more extensive program.

From scoping the technical aspects of a project, presenting budget proposals, to hiring the right engineers to get things done, engineering managers have plenty of complex responsibilities on their plate. It is no wonder that engineering managers are also very highly paid, no matter which industry they belong to. In this article, let us explore some of the highest-paying engineering manager jobs.

Engineering Manager – Top Roles and Pay scales:

The average annual base salary of an engineering manager job in India is INR 34 lacs.

Manager, Site Reliability Engineering (Big Data, Cloud)

Salary Range (₹53,60,000 – ₹80,40,000 a year): A site reliability engineer is responsible for using software engineering practices in large-scale production operations to improve a product’s reliability. This profile requires extensive experience and experience with large-scale data storage and cloud technologies. A Big Data Engineer or Data Scientists can choose this career path once they have 5-20 years of experience.


Manager, Quality Assurance Engineering – Salary Range (INR 35, 60,000 – INR 53, 40,000 a year):

A QA engineering manager has about 5-10 years of experience working with quality testers, automation engineers, and QA engineers. The foremost responsibility of this role is to provide engineering oversight to people and evangelize quality practices to improve their adoption throughout the organization.


Manager, Software Engineering – Salary Range (INR 34,00,000 – INR 51,00,000 a year):

A software engineering manager leads a team of software developers and integration specialists on multiple software integration projects. Technology decisions, engineering design, and development oversight are part of the responsibilities.


Aerospace Senior Engineering Manager – Average Annual Salary INR 60, 38,571:

An aerospace engineering manager provides leadership in the manufacturing and technical design of the aero plane and rocket components. Managing communication, project budget, and risk mitigation is part of the responsibilities.


Chemical Engineering Manager – Average Annual Salary INR 20,00,000:

A chemical engineering manager provides oversight to the people and processes involved in chemical engineering activities.

The above job roles do not form an exhaustive list of engineering manager jobs. Also, the salary ranges are average estimates as of 2022. A lot of other fields, such as nuclear engineering, civil, and mechanical engineering roles also offer lucrative manager roles. In addition, salaries vary according to the years of experience, depth of experience, and educational background. People management is an integral part of an engineering manager’s role. You will need to have a great deal of working with and influencing talented engineers to succeed in this role.



Emerging technologies in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and robotics involve complex tasks requiring engineering expertise. As these fields are in-demand and there is a shortage of talent, the engineering manager jobs in them pay exceptionally well. In conclusion, engineering expertise is still the most lucrative and in-demand skill. With 5-10 years of experience in your chosen engineering field and keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest advances in engineering, you can have a successful career as an engineering manager.


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