When you hear the word “cancer,” the ultimate thought comes to your mind; it has no cure! I am writing these lines with a heavy heart because most of us have lost our loved ones to this deadliest disease. Cancer patients bear physical pain and mental trauma due to fear of death in their minds.

Cancer is a set of conditions that arise due to the abnormal growth of cells in your body. The cells in your body are continuously in the state of division according to their nature and function. But this division is in the form of a programmed way according to nature. The programming of this cell division is controlled at the genetic level. If this process is disturbed and any problem arises in your genes, the cells start dividing and proliferating abnormally. This condition is known as cancer. If you are looking for a cancer specialist to seek advice related to cancer, you can contact the best oncologists in Lahore.

Before knowing what to do after a cancer diagnosis, first, let’s discuss some of the critical symptoms that show the signs of cancer;

Symptoms Of Cancer In Your Body:

Here are the most commonly reported symptoms of cancers of different types;

  • Fatigue that is doesn’t go away even after rest
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Weight gain without any known reason
  • Continuous low-grade fever
  • Swelling or lump in any part of the body
  • Unexplained nausea or vomiting
  • Low Hemoglobin levels
  • Loss of appetite

Apart from these symptoms, many cancer symptoms are according to the type of cancer. Usually, cancer remains asymptomatic at early stages. Unfortunately, symptoms appeared at the last stage of cancer in most cases. That’s why screening of many body parts is recommended annually, that the disease can be diagnosed at early stages.

What to Do After a Cancer Diagnosis?

After the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer, the cancer patient needs treatment for the disease and mental support.

  • Counseling is the essential part of treatment after the diagnosis of cancer. The patient sometimes needs professional counseling. Living with fears and hopelessness makes life more miserable for the patient. And the increased anxiety and stress levels worsen cancer also.
  • Try to stay active and make your daily routine. Try to go for a morning walk and stay in the greenery for some time. It makes your mind fresh, and you feel good about yourself.
  • Lying down in bed is not the option. It only worsens your condition. Try to engage yourself in some productive activity. You can do knitting, painting, sketching, poetry, or anything that you like.
  • You can also start a TV series that makes you laugh. Try to be happy and enjoy small blessings in your life. Although it is too tough to do this, one can at least try to stay happy.
  • Talk with your friends. It is lethargic for many people.
  • Call your loved ones once in a while. Staying in touch with your family and friends makes you happy.
  • Try to take care of your body. You can maintain your oral hygiene and follow a skincare routine to stay active and fresh.
  • Do not overthink. If your mind is flooded with thoughts and fears, you can talk with your doctor or a friend. Try to divert your mind from your thoughts.
  • Listen to survivors’ stories so that you can hope for the best for yourself.
  • You can also seek spiritual help to calm your mind. Many people feel more satisfied after indulging themselves in spiritual or religious beliefs. You can also do this to improve your mental state.
  • Break the stigmas related to cancer. 


Getting cancer treatment is the next stage; the first stage is getting yourself prepared for the treatment both physically and mentally.

You cant change your fate. The quantity of your life is not in your hands, but the quality of your life can be changed or improved by yourself.

Cancer is a manageable disease in most cases. But many people also defeat this disease and live their life happily and in good health. If you or your loved one is fighting this disease, you can change and fight the stigmas related to cancer.


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