More and more businesses are being started in Malaysia because the country’s economy is getting better and better. With these new technologies, there are more chances for business owners to make money.

There are a lot of chances to use new technology that hasn’t been used before. WhatsApp now has a Business API that gives information about prices and service levels.

Which is better?

In what ways can WhatsApp be used in a business? Should a company use the WhatsApp Business App or the WhatsApp Business API?

The answer depends on the size and type of business. WhatsApp’s Business API may be a better choice for many businesses.

The receiver will not be able to block the phone number that uses WhatsApp Business API. A lot of the time, this is because the template message has already been approved, so it won’t be marked as spam.

Another big difference is that businesses who use the Official WhatsApp Business API will be recognised and verified. This is another big difference. A green tick next to the name of the business means that the phone number can be used.

Everything you need to know

The new project from WhatsApp is called the WhatsApp Business API. With this API, developers can use WhatsApp’s messaging platform in their own apps and come up with new ideas for the 600 million people who use it.

Cost is one of the main ways that WhatsApp can make money from its service. The WhatsApp Business API costs money. Price is based on a lot of different things, but one of them is the number of template messages that can be sent with an account.

If you send a lot of template messages, the cost goes up.

The Price

How much it costs is based on the country code and the number of template messages that are sent each month. WhatsApp has a list of costs in six different currencies: USD, EUR, INR, IDR, GBP, and AUD.

It costs about RM0.17 to use the WhatsApp Business API in Malaysia.

All the WhatsApp API solution providers have different membership plans and prices. WhatsApp set the price, but each provider has different plans and prices. In the end, when your company starts using the WhatsApp Business API, you should look at the payments and invoices to better understand how the money is being paid.


WhatsApp is a great way for businesses to communicate with their customers. The WhatsApp Business API is great for businesses that need high-level security while still keeping prices low for customers.

There is a company called SleekFlow that is the official WhatsApp Business API provider. If you want to use WhatsApp’s power while keeping prices low, visit SleekFlow or read their blog on WhatsApp Business API Pricing!


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