The beauty industry brimming with attractive products and tall promises often makes us fall prey to harsh chemicals. These may show temporary effects but damage the skin in the long run.

Given the number of chemicals involved and the numerous harsh effects by virtue of beauty routines, more people are moving towards natural skincare products. These chemical-free organic skincare products are gentle on the skin and offer long-term as well as permanent results.

Below are some reasons we should use natural skin care products for all round benefits:

Better regulation on chemicals and thus peace of mind:

If the consumer products market be considered, skincare products are an unregulated segment. There are no controlling bodies that determine the quantity and type of chemicals. It is very difficult to ascertain what is safe and what is not. There may be safe chemicals too but not every chemical works on every skin.

In the case of natural products, one doesn’t have to play a blind game with unregulated ingredients. This offers peace of mind as well as saves the hassle of choosing based on safe and unsafe.

Better skin care:

Natural ingredients are not only mild but come with their own benefits. Age old grandma approved ingredients eliminate irritations, help clear breakouts and promote healthy skin. Sun protection effects of natural products are also better and more permanent than commercial skincare products. Natural products also have anti-inflammatory properties and help slow down ageing and detoxify the spin. Turmeric, spirulina, neem etc. are some ingredients that are prominent in skincare products.

Prevention of long-term damage to the body:

Many studies have proven how long-term exposure to chemicals make when to enter into our bloodstreams and impact the immune system, mood, nervous system and reproductive health. Nearly 60% of products make way through the skin and get absorbed directly. The skin is a great barrier to some chemicals but not everything stays clear.

Parabens and sulphates have long been known for their damaging effects on the immune system. Some of the constituents such as aluminium are associated with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease too.

Protection from harmful fragrances:

Fragrances in cosmetic products are known irritants and are used excessively in non-natural products to make them smell good and coveted. These fragrances also work towards covering up the chemical fragrance of the products. The regulation norms do not require revealing the products that make up the fragrance and hence some fragrances can be toxic chemicals that can have ill-effects in the long run.


The impact of chemicals on the environment every time they go down the drain is indelible and hazardous. They not only stay invisible around us forever but also pollute water as well as the landfill. Also, the ingredients used in these products have a major environmental impact with their extraction process. Most of them require extensive mining.

Irritant prevention:

This point cannot be stressed enough. Natural products are soothing as compared to the chemical counterparts and do not irritate the skin. Turmeric and other ingredients also soothe underlying conditions such as inflammation, pimples etc.

Better results:

Better quality natural products work faster and have long-term results as compared to chemical alternatives that will show peripheral results and mostly cause other problems.

Common misconceptions regarding natural products:

Here are some common misconceptions that may discourage you from choosing natural products. Do not worry, they are not true:

  • Natural products smell bad: This is absolutely not true. Natural products smell milder but are pleasant. They do not leave after fragrance but are better for senses as well as body.
  • Natural products are expensive: While at the onset these products may charge you more, they normally need to be used in lesser quantity to get the desired results.
  • Natural products show slow effects: Yes, they are slow but the effects are permanent and do not come with any ill effects.

Make sure that natural is really natural:

While the manufacturers have sensed the growing inclination towards organic skincare products, not everything marketed as natural is truly organic. If ingredient lists are to be scrutinized, chemicals hide under alias names that you cannot recognize. It is a good idea to have the groundwork ready before deciding on the right beauty product for you. Here are some ingredients that you must avoid

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • BHA
  • Petrochemicals
  • DEA, MEA, and TEA
  • Propylene glycol and polyethene glycol
  • Triclosan
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Talc

It is also a good idea to keep post advertisement impulse under control as those claims are meant to attack your insecurities with your skin and hence benefit no one other than the manufacturers. Do a thorough research of the ingredients before you shell out your hard-earned money for a product that is not just expensive but also hard on the environment and your skin.


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