Your car just developed an air suspension problem and you are considering an overhaul of the old air suspension components. So you quickly run a google search on the best air bag suspension kit from Vigorairride for whatever vehicle you drive.

The results come up and you see a number of options. Now you are indecisive on which one to opt for.

How many times have you found yourself in situations where you are lost on what to do since you have a wide array of options to choose from?

In this article, you will discover a guide that will guide you on how to choose the perfect air suspension kit for your vehicle.

Additionally; you will also uncover the following gems of information.

  • The benefits of using air bag suspension kits.
  • Opinion; Should you choose Coilover over airbag suspension kits.

Shall we get started?

Practical Hack; Choosing The Right Air Bag Suspension Kit For Your Vehicle

An average driver desires the air suspension kit that ranks fairly well on the following metric;

  • Handling: How efficiently the vehicle responds to turns or panic swerves.
  • Offroading
  • Improved ride quality i.e. Comfortability.

These are factors to consider when you are looking for the right air bag suspension kit for your vehicle;

  • The cost of the air spring kit
  • Maintenance charges
  • Installation
  • Your driving needs

Here is how it all fits together;

Cost of the air spring; Remember the adage, “Cut your clothes to your size?”. The adage holds true in the air suspension world too. A bias already exists against air suspension systems, and it is that these suspensions are overly expensive.

Nonetheless, some are more expensive than others and oftentimes, the more expensive your air bag suspension is, the better it will rank on the scale of comfortability, offroading performance, and handling.

Maintenance fees; The air suspension system is located under the chassis of the vehicle in many cases, this exposes the suspension system to external forces that may condition the air suspension to damage sooner than expected.

Some of the potential issues that require timely maintenance is not limited to wear and tear, abrasion of some components by foreign matters (i.e. stones). Follow the air suspension kit manufacturer recommendations when deciding the interval and the types of maintenance to carry out the air suspension.

Your driving needs; Define your driving requirements and on that basis determine the type of air bag suspension kit that fits well into your situation. Do you desire to use the vehicle for commuting long distances on a regular basis or it’s just for every driving in your locality? These are hard questions to ask yourself before settling for any kit.

The air ride suspension kit installation; While I think it’s pretty straightforward to install air suspension kits yourself. I strongly recommend against any newbie from installing by themselves. But then, outsourcing to a professional does not come free.

Professionals would charge a fee for the installation process. If you are handy with fixing machines, by all means, install the stuff. But if you lack the toolset, DIY skills, and time to see it through, you are better off calling for a professional.

How To Choose


  • Carefully think about the air bag suspension kit that’d be perfect for you. The four metrics described above should be carefully sieved through.
  • Once you have that sorted. Run a search query for the air spring kit with the features you have outlined in the first step.
  • Call your mechanic for advice, tell him about your requirements, and the results from your findings.
  • Now, you can proceed to place the order for your kit. But make sure you source it from a reputable outlet.
  • Before you eventually place the order, make findings of the outlet you are buying from. Find out reviews about them from other people.
  • Also, it pays to get a product with a warranty.

Advantages Of Air Suspension Kits

The following are the inherent advantages for users of air bag suspension kits. They are:

  • Air suspension helps users of the vehicle enjoy a comfortable journey each time. Compared to other suspension systems, the air springs system guarantees a better riding experience no matter how poor or rough the terrain is.
  • You can lower or raise your vehicle at will. Lowering the car helps to ensure fuel economy and improvement.
  • Air suspension kits eliminate sway during panic swerves. This informs better handling.
  • It also helps to compensate for the bottoming of the vehicle’s rear end when it is stuffed with loads.

Where To Get Air Ride Suspension Kits

You can get your kits from;

Mechanic shop: local mechanic shops in your vicinity are perfect places to get your air suspension kit. The advice of your mechanic could also ease the process of settling for any of the kits

Online auto shop: Places like amazon, strutsmaster, eBay are online stores where you can get your airbag suspension kit.

Should You Choose Coilovers Or Air Suspension Kit?

This is a longstanding debate among drivers of vehicles. The bias against air suspension kits ranges from its expensiveness, prone to damage especially during winter to its potential break easily.


Air suspension compensates for all of this by offering the most comfortable experience for passengers in the vehicle. So tell me, don’t you think every dollar bill you spend on your comfortability is worth it?

In Conclusion

This article has shown you how to choose the perfect air bag suspension kit for your vehicle. Also, I have shown you the advantages of an air suspension kit, where to get the air suspension kits amid other useful nuggets.




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